Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Sun Sept 22, 2019

Day 8

Quartzite Arizona to Salome

Today seemed particularly hot. I had another flat tire, but this time it was right in front of a grocery store, the only one on our route, so I was able to repair the flat in the shade. I was grateful for that, to be sure. About 15 miles down the road from the grocery store I noticed I had a slow leak, same tire. I decided to just keep pumping it up and deal with it in the morning. I had to inflate it three times in the last 5 miles to allow the tire to limp into the campground. Yes, I inflated it three times, if I had “blown it up” I would never have made it to the camp ground.

It was a 37 mile day, but by the time I reached the KOA where we are staying I was looking for something cold to drink. I bought a Dr. Pepper immediately, then went back a short time later to have another, then a short time later I went back for a bottle of water. The Dr. Pepper tasted heavenly.

I was one of two cooks tonight. I came up with the dinner plan and executed it, but my partner was a huge help. Good guy. He ran the stoves and did all the stuff that I don’t know how to do. We had a stew of sorts, two types, one with meat and good stuff, and one vegetarian style. The food restrictions and preferences on this trip make preparing tasty means difficult. The meal was a huge success. Everyone was very complementary. Under normal circumstances you would not be impressed with this meal, but after cycling 37 miles in the desert heat, it took on a completely different personality. The ingredients were water, bullion, spices (the combination is secret of course) corn, peas, carrots, black eye peas, poblanos, jalapeños, onion, and hamburger. I used jasmine rice, not the instant kind, and cooked it all until it’s was a thick stew consistency. Yum, it was good. Adding a little Chuhula Sauce after serving took it over the top.

Linda who runs the KOA where we are staying took me and my cooking partner to the grocery store 2-½ miles down the road, waited for us to shop, and then took us back to the campground. To thank her we bought her a 6-pack of Coors Light, her favorite. She was a darling to do that for us.

The evenings in the high desert are beautiful. It was mid nineties today, but right now outside it feels like 70. I’m sitting outside as I write and I’m absolutely just as comfortable as you can be, and happy to be here.

Miles: 37