Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Tue Sept 24, 2019

Day 10

Wickenburg to Tempe

I thought today’s ride would be uneventful, in fact I was worried that I might not have anything to write about. The reality turned out to be anything but that. The first 25 miles were fast and uneventful. I felt strong and was making really good time, then pulled up with a flat, again. This was the 6 flat in 10 days. I’m starting to get good at fixing these, but it still takes time that should be spent in the saddle instead of on the ground. It was the same as always, a few inches of fine gauge wire probably off a radial tire blow-out. This has been the source of almost all my flats. While I was fixing it, three riders passed me. From that point on I just cruised in to Phoenix.

I rode from Surprise to downtown Phoenix and was either on a bike trail or in a designated bike lane. That’s pretty astounding, considering the riding covered a distance of about 24 miles. It was a slog on the canal trail due to a stiff head wind. I did not make good time on that leg of a the route.

At the end of 15th Avenue I turned onto Roosevelt Street. At this point I was about 2 miles from the Hostel. I almost fell off my bike, I realized at the turn that I was just 2 blocks from my favorite places in Phoenix! There is a little square of pop-ups that has the best ice cream in Phoenix, the best billboard (it’s hilariously political by Phoenix standards) my favorite bar in Phoenix (they book the worst music acts) and 2 blocks from there, the home of David and Becky. Naturally I stopped for an ice cream, then a drink, then I went to see David and Becky! They are so sweet, they are hosting me for dinner tomorrow evening. It’s going to be great catching up with them.

I finally did make it to the Hostel. Surprisingly, not the last one in. I should have had two ice cream stuffed donuts! Ah! I forgot to mention above that they actually serve the two together, a most delectable sandwich. I quickly got organized and cleaned up so I could have dinner with Audrey.

Audrey picked me up at 7pm and took me to a very nice Italian place for dinner. It turns out I would not hesitate to eat there again. We had a great time catching up, and she brought me some treats too! She gave me some of her favorite protein bars, along with a new notebook, mine was filling up already, and also a white long-sleeve SPF 50 shirt to wear in the desert. That is something I should have thought about before I left Seattle, but you can’t think of everything, fortunately Audrey to the rescue!

Tomorrow is a rest day.

Miles: 56