Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Wed Sept 25, 2019

Day 11

Rest day

Today we are on our own to rest up and enjoy some of the local flavor of Phoenix. We are in a Hostel in the Arts District. It’s going to be a relaxing day. At our morning map meeting I suggested to my companions that they go to the Barrio Cafe for duck tacos (2 miles from here) and to Novel Ice Cream (1 mile from here) for the best ice cream and best donut in Phoenix. Actually, they combine them to make the best ice cream filled donut, it’s a marvel. Novel makes the ice cream by hand, and they get the donuts from the donut maker voted “Best in Phoenix.”

I plan to run some errands. Audrey has loaned me her car for the day so I should be able to get a lot done! Tonight I’m having dinner with my friends David and Becky. They are wonderful people that I met last Christmas when I stayed in their ABnB. It’s going to be a good lay-over, but I will be ready to hit the road again tomorrow morning to continue the journey!