Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Sat Sept 28, 2019

Day 14

No photos today. I haven’t found a solution for my broken cell phone. When I dropped the phone yesterday, the camera quit working. Everything else is fine, apps, mail, voice, text, but I can’t get a photo to save my life. Today I called a Walmart to see what Nikon cameras they had available, They didn’t have any with WiFi. If I buy a camera I will need WiFi to get the photos to my iPhone and iPad. I realize there are other ways, but I’m on the road and I don’t have time each day to mess around with SD cards and other types of nonsense. I also went in to a cell phone store that I thought could help T-Mobile customers, but they couldn’t. They didn’t think there were any T-Mobile stores between here and El Paso. I’ll have to keep my eyes open! I hope that by the time I get to Silver City next week, or El Paso after that, I will once again be able to take pictures.

Today was another tough day. We covered 52 miles and there was 5,000 feet of climbing, About half or slightly more of the 5,000 came on one hill that was almost 6 miles long and a constant 7% grade. There was no relief, meaning there were not flat spots between the bottom and the top. It was another challenging day. I got to the grocery stop at the end of the day well ahead of most of my fellow riders. Sadly though, I made a wrong turn leaving town and wasted about 45 minutes trying to get back on route. Google seems to make odd choices when you put it in “bicycle” mode. I never have these sort of issues when it is navigating in “car” mode.

Tomorrow I’m cooking again. I plan to make exactly what I made last time. I’m going to stick with a good thing until the inmates complain! It will be tricky though, because tomorrow is a 76 mile day. That means I will have to put my head down and boogie in order to shop and be cooking at 5pm! To help make that happen, I’m going to close this post and get myself into my tent and to sleep. Tomorrow’s post is likely to be a short one, we’ll see.

I’m having fun. (If you have to tell yourself you’re having fun, are you? I’ll have to think about that.) Yes, I’m having fun.

Miles: 52

Vertical: 5,000