Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Tue Oct 1, 2019

Day 17

Lordsburg New Mexica to Silver City New Mexico

Another grueling day. Climbing 4,000 feet was tougher than it sounds. I dragged my heels all day. I was not the last one into camp, but almost! Tomorrow is a day of rest and it is sorely needed, at least for me. Today I crossed the Continental Divide and I’m now hanging out in a bar in Silver City. Very tired, but not too tired to have a beer. The beer I’m having is a “Smart Blonde”, brewed by the Little Toad Creek Brewery. (Drinking a beer named “Smart Blonde” doesn’t necessarily mean any attribute implied by the name will be granted to the drinker…)

Speaking of smart blondes, I picked up a very pretty (and smart) blonde on the road today. She wanted a ride all the way to Florida, but I said I would take her to Silver City. Your probably wondering how you can pick-up someone when you are on a bike tour, you have to be very observant. She didn’t mind riding in front of the handle bars, which I appreciated because that meant she could keep an eye out for road debris and warn me when we were approaching something that should be avoided. She was very quiet. I ignored the fact that her beautiful blonde locks were in reality “plugs.” When I dropped her in Silver City, I asked her for her name. All she said was “Barbie’s Little Sister.” That made sense, she was only 4 inches tall and she had a perfect figure, I should have guessed her name right from the git-go.

I did finally arrive in Silver City at 4:30. I spent 8 hours on the road and traveled a whopping 44 miles. The hills were killer.

Miles: 44

Vertical: 4,000