Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Wed Oct 2, 2019

Day 18

This is our rest day. It came at a perfect time. I was exhausted from the last four days of climbing and mileage. We have three more days in the mountains then we will have put the climbing behind us and we will be into a completely different experience.

I took my bike in to a shop here in Silver City for a tune-up. I took it to “Hike and Bike” and they are a very helpful bunch. Today is dedicated to relaxing, catching up on my posts, and figuring out how to get photos off my new camera so I can get them into my iPad and my iPhone. I’m also looking forward to a little thrift shopping, just for fun, and a good dinner tonight with of course a few beers to accompany it. Tomorrow we have a 50 mile day with another 3,500 to 4,000 feet of climbing. The day after that we will be going over Emery Pass. The pass tops out at 8,300 elevation and change. Coming down from Emery Pass is a 5,000 foot descent, that will be a lot of fun. The Davidson loves to roll down hill.

The last fews days I have been pondering the lines of a poem about birds. You have a lot of time to think while you are cycling. It started when I pulled over and saw three birds circling overhead about 200 feet in the air. It was a hot afternoon and they were using the air currents to keep themselves aloft with the bare minimum of effort on their part. It was truly elegant to behold. I’m going to close this post by sharing the poem with you, I finished it last night while sitting at the “Little Toad Creek” brewery.