Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Thu Oct 17, 2019

Day 33

Lost Maples Recreation Area to Ingram

Morning. I’m not expecting today’s ride to be as difficult except for the fact that the first hill out of the gate is nick-named “the widow maker.” The notes for this section of the ride say that the grade is 14%. For you Seattleites, If you will recall the road that went from the south end of Southcenter Parkway up to SeaTac, that was a 17% grade. I was never able to make it to the top of that hill, even with an unloaded bike. I suspect I will be doing some walking this morning. Last night we camped in a State Recreation Area. We are sheltered on all four sides by hills, consequently there was no cell service. Surprisingly, that was only the second time so far on this trip where I have not had service. Breakfast is calling.

14% Grade. ½ mile long. I made it!

After topping out on that hill, it was mostly rollers for the next 20 miles, gradually becoming rolling flats. The last 16 miles of the day was mostly flat and a welcome relief. I haven’t looked at the grades for tomorrow, I’m just going to be surprised when the day hits me.

I found a bike shop in Austin that will take me in on Monday and give me new tires and a tune-up, no questions asked. I called both REI stores and neither one would take me in on Monday or Tuesday. I guess I’m not shocked by that. Doing business with small bike shops usually works out best all the way around.

The days are beginning to wear on me. I need a couple days of rest. The Hill Country of Texas is every bit as challenging as the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.

Miles: 52

Last 16 miles today was a breeze.