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Southern Tier - Sun Nov 3, 2019

Day 50

New Roads Louisiana to Jackson Louisiana


Last night at the restaurant where I was eating, I met a very nice couple. We talked throughout our dinner. We chatted about the trip and the local area. A bit of history and a good bit of information about the Mississippi River. When I showed them the map of my route for today they explained that I was going to miss a really beautiful town and some very old plantation mansions. They gave me directions so that I could take in those sights. It will get me to Jackson without adding more than 10 miles, probably less. The people here are wonderful. I’m having an amazing time.

End of the day

I took a leisurely approach today. I added a side-trip to St. Francisville and had cheesecake and coffee at the Magnolia Cafe. The weather was all most perfect. By mid-afternoon it felt like 60 degrees. The sun was out and the sky was a perfect blue. The road was smooth, still no shoulder, but I’m becoming used to that. I stopped at the Oakley Plantation for a visit. That is where John James Audubon lived for four months and painted 32 of the birds in his “American Birds” series. The plantation itself was the seat of money and power in Eastern Louisiana for 50 years. The museum at the plantation holds all 32 lithographs created from Audubon’s original drawings. His originals were all done with pencil and crayon.

I’m spending the night at Perry’s Bike Hostel about 5 miles outside of the town of Jackson. I can’t say enough nice things about this place. If you are a cyclist passing through this area, you really should make it a point to overnight here.

Miles: 34

Today was an almost perfect cycling day.