Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Mon Nov 4, 2019

Day 51

Jackson Louisiana to Franklinton Louisiana

I’m now in what I am referring to as the “Hill Country” of Louisiana. I don’t think that’s how people here refer to it, but it seems an apt description. Once you cross the Mississippi River heading East the landscape changes dramatically. On the West side it is flat flood plain, with levees to hold back the river. On the East side the terrain slopes higher and forms a natural flood barrier. The West side has rolling hills, not like Texas, but enough to have you shifting gears again. Of course, I’m describing the landscape where I am right now, I don’t know if that holds true in general up and down the Mississippi.

Today started late. I forgot that I was facing a shorter day due to the end of Daylight Saving Time. I should have gotten on the road around 6:30, instead I dallied for almost two hours. Most of it was time well spent. I ended up talking to my host at Perry’s Bike Hostel for about an hour. She is a very entertaining person, avid cyclist, and cycle techie. She has been hosting at her Hostel for 20 years and she has seen a lot of cyclists come and go. If I remember correctly, she said she sees about 500 cyclists there every year. She shared some amazing stories with me and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and chat with her.

As a result of my late start, I didn’t get to my destination until after dark. I don’t like cycling after dark. I wouldn’t call it scary, but the term “white knuckle” probably is a good descriptor. I did finally find my motel for the night, after riding past it. You have to treat Google Maps with caution. It can lead you astray in subtle ways that can catch you off-guard. This place is a great value, the best price on a motel so far and the best hot shower so far. I was particularly happy about the shower, since it is the first truly hot shower I have had in three days.

Miles: 74

My kingdom for a hot shower at the end of 74 miles. Early start tomorrow.