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Southern Tier - Tue Nov 5, 2019

Day 52

Franklinton Louisiana to Poplarville Mississippi

I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a free lunch, but I found the free breakfast. I got moving early this morning, I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday. My motel was on the outskirts of town, so I headed back into town looking for a breakfast spot. I came to place that looked promising. The sign said “Breakfast, Donuts, Coffee.” I thought breakfast was donuts and coffee, but I figured I’d see what else they had in mind. Sure enough, it was a real breakfast spot plus donuts and coffee. The lady behind the counter was busy and a big guy stepped in to help me. I ordered grits, bacon, eggs, two glazed donuts, orange juice and coffee. He had a very deep voice so he was a bit hard to understand, but I did hear him tell me that he feeds all the cyclists that come through. I looked at him and said something like, “I came to the right place.” As I stood there waiting for someone to take my money (and the big guy staring at me) the busy lady said to me “your all taken care of honey.” That’s when I realized he literally feeds all the cyclists that come through. I shook his hand, sat down, and had the best breakfast I’ve had yet on this tour.

Six pieces of bacon, what looked like 4 eggs scrambled, and a big ladle of grits swimming in something that was probably real butter. When your burning calories you can eat this way. This is my fourth encounter with grits on the tour, and this serving was the best. Butter makes the grits, don’t turn it down. The donuts were excellent as well. The coffee was what you see almost everywhere down here. The brand is Community Coffee. You see so much of it, it has to be the Starbucks of the South. It’s not bad either.

The day I left Austin the weather changed. It started with a storm that night from the North and a huge temperature drop. That was 14 days ago. Today was the first day of warmth I’ve had since then. It felt wonderful. I spent the second have of the route today in cycling shorts and shirt. I’ve been wearing long pants puffy vest and a wind jacket even in the afternoon.

I downloaded “On Writing” by Stephen King and “The Elements of Style” to my Kindle. I’m actually going to have some time today to read. Don’t expect things here to improve dramatically right away. You never know, perhaps some day…

I’m staying in a sweet B&B cottage tonight. I got in at 1:30pm. Early starts are magnificent. I have time to walk around town, find a coffee shop, and relax. That’s where I am now. I’ll be heading back to the cottage soon to spend the afternoon on the front porch. It’s been awhile since I have had a lazy afternoon. I plan to have a few of those when I get to St. Augustine.

Miles: 51

Tomorrow I’m heading to Biloxi to put my feet in the Gulf.