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Southern Tier - Fri Nov 8, 2019

Day 55

Dauphin Island Alabama


It is windy here on Dauphin Island but the Weather App says it’s not as windy in Pensacola. I hope the ferry is running today despite the wind, otherwise I will have to wait here another day. The only way off the island without taking the ferry is to go back the way I came. To get to Pensacola taking that route would require 104 miles of detour around Mobile Bay. Pensacola is 60 miles from here not including connection to the mainland by ferry. I don’t feel like doing 60 miles today. I’ll probably end up in Gulf Shores or Perdido Key. They are 20 and 40 miles from here once you get off the ferry.

Breakfast at the B&B is at 8. I’m planning to catch the 9:30 ferry.

Breakfast this morning was a pleasure. I ate with two fellow guests here, two sisters visiting friends on the island. They have led very interesting lives and they shared some marvelous stories with me. Since they are Southerners, I took the opportunity to ask them the proper way to eat grits. They explained quite clearly that it is not with sugar. The rule is butter, and sometimes salt and pepper depending on your taste. I was relieved to know that I am doing it correctly.

“I have my own dislikes - I believe that anyone using the phrase “That’s so cool” should have to stand in the corner and that those using the far more odious phrases “at this point in time” and “at the end of the day” should be sent to bed without supper (or writing-paper, for that matter).” - Stephen King

It’s so cool that I’m writing electronically (not using paper) because at this point in time the ferry off the island is not running. I hope at the end of the day it will be running so I can get off the island tomorrow. Guilty as charged. No supper for me tonight.

I spent the day touring Fort Gaines. It is remarkably well preserved and I learned a lot of Civil War history today. It was a pleasant day, but I am looking forward to getting off the island in the morning and continuing my journey. If the ferry is not running in the morning, I have arranged a ride off the island from the house keeper here at the B&B. I am hopeful that the ferry will be running.

Miles: 0

Day of rest.