Life On A B-I7

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Southern Tier - Mon Nov 11, 2019

Day 58

Pensacola Florida to Fort Walton Beach Florida

My day started at the bike shop where I was able to get a new B17 saddle. It feels good but I think the damage has been done. I’m bruised from the old saddle so it’s just going to take time to work that out. I did feel better at the end of the day, so that is a win.

Getting out of town I ran into Pensacola’s Veteran’s Day Parade. I hung around for about 45 minutes and watched. It was fun. Pensacola’s High Schools have a huge ROTC contingent. It appeared they were all represented in the parade.

Leaving Pensacola I had to cross the Pensacola Bay Bridge. It’s a 5 mile long white knuckle ride. There is no pedestrian/bike lane so you are right in the traffic, riding the white line. Most people gave me room or slowed down, but there were a few that didn’t think that was necessary, and a few more that felt compelled to honk when they drove past. That can be disconcerting, to put it mildly. They are in the process of building a pedestrian/bike lane that will be separate from the traffic, it’s not open yet. I kept looking at it, wishing I was over there.

For the next couple of days I’ll be following the Gulf Coast. If everything stays on track, I’ll be in St. Augustine on Wednesday the 20th. I’d like to push that up to the 19th, for reasons that I will reveal if I am able to make that date.

Miles: 46

Today is Veteran’s Day.